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Laptop Recommendations for Dr. Crawford

Hey Doc! I pulled together a few recommendations for you that prioritize the following:

  • Good Discounts

  • Mobile Capability

  • Reputable Companies (i.e. HP, Dell, Lenovo)

  • Good processing speed for business and the types of programs you run


Note, I don't think you really need a MAC since you won't be doing a lot of graphics or high end multi media functions (gaming, music engineering, etc.).

Lastly, note, I've given you comparisons of options of which I'd recommend and am showing you side by side comparisons. I've also arranged them by distributor (Bestbuy, Amazon, etc.) and added links for you to quickly go to the sites to see each before you purchase.

Feel free to text me if you have any questions.  Hope this helps and Happy New Year!  John (JT)

bestbuy logo.jfif

NOTE: When the document comes up, Just Click on the laptop image to pull up each web page

amazon logo.jfif

NOTE: I added Acer to this list because of the New Years discount..still a great laptop, just less well known.

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