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Hi there my friend.

I am so glad to wake up in the New Year and know that I still have you as a friend.  That's what's first.

Secondly, I am trying a different approach to holiday communications...something like a fusion of the old school personal mail merged with a digital touch with a personal feel.  Let's see if this strikes that balance! 

Now, for my message to you: I want to say THANK YOU for your friendship. Thank you for showing such great courage at our organization. You know that I KNOW how tough it's all been; but you've managed to stay engaged through it all. You inspire me.

One thing I've realized after getting some separation is that I didn't know how much I'd changed since being under stress for so long.  But these things have happened since I departed just before thanksgiving:

Week 1: State of Euphoria

Week 2: I felt this tremendous release of the point where I didn't even want to think about picking up the phone to try to get into another job.

Week 4: I started all the questions in my head; wondering why I wasn't more energized in looking for a new job; observing that I run the risk that other opportunities might dry up if I didn't response soon while still feeling like I didn't really care in my gut while my head said otherwise; wondering what it's really all about. questioning all those years of high stress was really worth it for me. Questioning the world in general. Working to understand what I have passions for in this next phase of life.

Week 6: And now this week. I'm starting to become hopeful and energetic. I'm starting to be thankful for my separation because I am 100% sure I would not feel this level if energy and desire to do new things in the world if I had stayed with United Way. I'm not even interested in finding blame for why I was stressed and so discouraged/depressed; I think I just stayed there too long.

Not at all saying that would be your experience if you decided to do something new. But I am saying you've got so much to offer the world my friend. Our stories are not yet over!  Always in your corner as a sounding board if you need it.  Either way, let's set up a schedule to stay connected regularly because I was really serious when I said you would not get rid of me :-)

Much Love to you today Jenny and every day!


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