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Website Questions for
Dr. James Crawford, Psy.D

Hey Doc!

When you have the chance, run through these questions for me and I'll use that feedback as the basis for configuring your Website. Text me with any questions. Thanks! John Taylor

We first have to secure your website URL. Please select your preferred Website URL (check all that you like)
Would you like to allow clients to make payments online (may increase the cost of your website package)
Do you want an automated calendaring system so patients can go in and schedule time with you based on the schedule parameters we put in place (comes free with your website package)
Choose your email preferences (check all that apply):
Your Services (Check all that apply):

Thank you for the feedback Doc. Looking forward to next steps!

General notes about your website: -Your website will be HIPAA compliant -General costs for your website (domain, hosting, features): $300-500 per year. -Website support: John Taylor will support you in developing and maintaining your site (Not including costs for ongoing website maintenance after website launch) at no initial cost to you. -After first draft of website, we will meet and walk through additional features and functionality based on your preferences. -You maintain the decision making authority for your website.

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