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Note to the Performers

Thank you for being a part of Pastor Bailey's Retirement Celebration!  Your participation means so much to us.  The theme/vision for our performance will be a "family affair."  We will perform just after the Praise and Worship Team.  Please see the Set List below as well as song lists. Also, click the calendar above to view the schedule and location for our rehearsals.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to use the contacts below.

Derryl (DJ) Barrett (Band Director): 443-527-5196

 Stephen (Izzy) Johnson Jr. (Co-Musical Director)

Eric Bailey (Performers): 443-985-9777

John Taylor (Logistics): 410-562-5808

Set List - Click Links Below to Listen to Songs

Reformation-Acapella: "Take My Cares Away"

AyBe Lexington: "Satisfied"

Reformation - "Blessing Waiting"

Reformation - "Love Is The Way"

London Bailey - "I'm Still Holding On"

Reformation, Ashley Barrett, And London Bailey - "Your Great Name"

Reformation will open with an Acapella Original as the Opening Song (After Praise and Worship).

Reformation will then transition directly into Second Original Song

As Reformation leaves the stage, Ashley Barrett will take center stage with her original cut, "Satisfied."

Reformation will return to the stage to perform 3 original cut: "Blessing Waiting"

Reformation will then transition a Commission cover: "Love Is The Way"

Reformation will remain on stage to backup London Bailey, who will sing a special dedication to the honoree, "I'm Still Holding On."

Ashley Barrett will join Reformation and London Bailey on stage for the finale: "Your Great Name" byTodd Dulaney

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